5 Reasons Why Ceramic Pro Nano-coatings Are Better than Wax

If you are on the hunt for an Albany detailing company or avidly Googling “ceramic pro near me,” then you are certainly not alone. The Works has supported countless people with their goal of keeping their new, fresh vehicles looking sweet. Not to mention that in the USA alone, vehicle owners spent a total of $10.2 billion on paint protection and car washes just in 2016. 

Putting that into perspective, that is a lot of hard-earned cash to spend per person to ensure both their drivers and/or weekend warriors shine. And because your money should be spent on something that will provide you with the best outcome every time, going with cutting edge resources, aka leveraging ceramic pro vs. wax, is the best path to take for the most valuable results. 

And here’s five prime reasons why. 

  1. Better Paint Protection

When searching “ceramic pro near me,” you’ll likely find that both ceramic pro and wax are designed to protect your vehicle’s paint from things like contaminants or natural elements that can deteriorate it. However, ceramic pro is hands-down better qualified in offering the most paint saving security. This is because traditional car wax does not have the ability to fill your car’s microscopic peaks and grooves on its paint service to fully protect it like ceramic pro can. Overall, ceramic pro gives your paint a stronger protective layer, reducing the risk of natural elements penetrating the surface and causing things like oxidation, corrosion, and rust.

2. Better at Preventing Swirl Marks 

Swirl marks on your paint is never a pleasant appeal. This is caused by those small particles on the surface rubbing into the top layer of your paint. They can even embed themselves and become permanent if you do not have any protection like ceramic pro or wax. But nonetheless, ceramic pro is the better solution to reduce the risk of those swirls at all. This coating is exceptionally strong, durable, and much easier to scale its authenticity than other synthetic car waxes.  

3. Enhances Shine 

Aside from protection, shine and appeal is the leading reason why people want to seek an Albany detailing company in the first place. They want to keep their vehicle looking amazing for as long as they can. And with ceramic pro, you can guarantee that you will have a boosted level of shine that wax simply cannot compete with. And even if certain waxes can provide excellent shine, they lack in the protective features as listed in point #1, making ceramic pro the “best of both worlds” resources.

4. More Seamless to Apply 

Even if you have a smaller car, performing the wax on, wax off method on your own can feel quite labor-intensive. Ceramic pro, on the other hand, was strategically designed for easier application and seamless removal. In addition, it can be layered and lasts longer than wax does. So, if you decide to make this a DIY project, going with ceramic pro is going to be a smoother process for you, and you will find that you will need to perform detailing less often.

5. No Chemical Can Dissolve the Coating

Remember above how applying wax or ceramic pro is a key player in protecting your paint’s surface? Well, over time, wax inevitably breaks down and requires you to apply more. This is usually around every three months or so. But ceramic pro is not a wax or sealant, meaning it will not wash away or break down. This detailing icon forms a permanent adhesion to your paint that can only be removed through things like abrasions. When it was stated that ceramic pro lasts longer and needs to be applied less, this is one of the driving reasons why.

Conclusion – Ready to Up Your Shine Game? 

Still questioning ceramic pro vs. wax? Probably not anymore. As you can see, if you really want to give your vehicle the best detailing possible, going with the latest innovative technology is the smartest route to go. But you also have to remember that the professionals who are performing the service also play a significant role in how your results will turn out. That is why if you are searching for an Albany detailing company near you, choose a place like The Works that is home to highly experienced and passionate professionals that deliver unparalleled ceramic pro services.

So, if you are ready to upgrade your shine game, contact The Works team today to obtain your free quote. Between their expertise and inventory of successes, you can have the solidifying confidence that your ceramic pro detailing needs are in the best hands from start to finish. 

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