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At The Works Auto Center, we take great pride in protecting every inch of your vehicle. We are a Veteran owned company and provide mobile detailing as well. Our detail packages range from a thorough hand car wash to our paint correction and paint protection packages.

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When it comes to protecting the things that you hold near to your heart, we have got your back. We are car enthusiasts that love getting up every day to do what we love. Everything that we do in our business is driven by a passion to make your prized possessions look better than the day they rolled out of the factory.

Every vehicle that we work on is treated like our very own. From Toyotas to Teslas, we will restore and redeem that new car feeling that you felt the day you were handed they keys.


It all starts from detail. From there, you will want more gloss. In order to get more gloss, you’ll need to get a paint correction and seal it with a Ceramic Coating. Coatings add crazy shine but if you want true paint protection from rockchips, Paint Protection Film is where you need to be.

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